The Most Expensive Mistakes New Business Owners Make

What would you rather want as an entrepreneur? To make mistakes and make your organization pay for it? Or to learn from the mistakes others have committed before you? Obviously, entrepreneurs would want as little trouble as possible during the initial days of business. The Early Days The early days tend to be quite a […]

Identify Your Why

Identifying your “why” is one of the most commonly overlooked steps in goal setting. Often times people forge ahead full speed when attempting to make changes. Eventually they quit, and they are unable to figure out where they went wrong. Usually it’s because they haven’t solidified their “why”. What Is Your Why Your why is […]

Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam Or Does It Work

If you are like me, you have seen many offers that seem to be too good to be true.  Many of which you quickly write off as ridiculous and others that you just aren’t quite sure about.  For me, Wealthy Affiliate fell into the latter category.  After doing my own due diligence and trying it […]

Do You Need Multiple Income Streams

DO YOU NEED MULTIPLE INCOME STREAMS The answer is a resounding YES! Everyone needs multiple income streams. This allows for you to still be secure if, or should I say when, the unexpected happens. If you only have one source of income, you are setting yourself up for a possible disaster. I have seen it […]