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Identify Your Why

Identifying your “why” is one of the most commonly overlooked steps in goal setting. Often times people forge ahead full speed when attempting to make changes. Eventually they quit, and they are unable to figure out where they went wrong. Usually it’s because they haven’t solidified their “why”.

What Is Your Why

Your why is your true reason for wanting to do something. When determining your why, don’t stop at the first level of explanation which is usually the most shallow. Why do you want to become self-employed? Perhaps your first thought is so that you don’t have to listen to your boss anymore. Dig deeper. Why don’t you want to have to listen to your boss anymore? Perhaps it’s because that boss always wants to cut into your evening and weekends which takes you away from your family time. So ultimately you want to get to the point of time freedom so that you can spend more time making memories instead of just making your company’s owner wealthy.

Perhaps your goal is to lose 50 pounds. Some of your reasons might be because you want to be smaller, look better in and out of your clothes and to get into better shape. You might also want to be able to chase after grandchildren. You might also want to be able to improve your health to ensure that you are around and healthy to see them graduate from kindergarten and beyond!

Let’s say you work for a hospice care company. You love what you do, but you really want to start your own business. Some of your reasons might be because you want to keep more of the profit or set your own scheduled. When you are honest with yourself, it might be because you have seen things that you would do differently that you feel could significantly help families during these difficult moments. Your ultimate goal might be to help more families deal with these transitions as smoothly as possible with the level of dignity that you believe they deserve.

Why Identify Your Why

Identifying your deeper why is what is going to keep you pushing ahead when the obstacles come and the motivation wanes. When the 25th vendor that you have pitched your product to tells you they aren’t interested, if your only motivation is to have an extra $300 each month you might give up. However, if your are constantly reminding yourself that your objective is to get to a point of time freedom where you can have more time to make memories with your children–you will likely be willing to risk a few more rejections.

Skipping the free cake at the office birthday party celebration might not seem worth it when you are only thinking about fitting in to a new dress. On the other hand, when you compare that short-lived pleasure of a sweet treat with that of running around the park with your grandchildren, it just doesn’t compare.

That deep-seated urge to improve the lives of families that are dealing with a loss would give you more drive than simply not wanting to work before 10 AM. You get the idea.

Solidify Your Why

Before you start any big ventures, you really want to spend some time identifying exactly why it is that you want what you want. Identifying the deepest and most satisfying purpose will help you stay focused when times get tough. We all know that there will be unexpected delays and times when you just don’t want to do what you need to do. Having a solid foundation will help you keep focused on your ultimate goal until you get there.

What goals are you making? Have you identified you why?

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